BBC Revises Hamas Label amid Political Pressure

Broadcaster to refer to Hamas as a “proscribed terrorist organisation” following criticism

In a significant move, the BBC has altered its terminology concerning Hamas, now identifying the group as a “proscribed terrorist organisation” rather than using the previously employed term “militants.” This change comes ahead of a crucial meeting between the broadcaster’s executives and Tory MPs, who have been vocal in their criticism regarding the BBC’s coverage of the organisation.

The broadcaster faced backlash for its refusal to label Hamas terrorists, despite the UK Government’s designation of the group as such in 2019, under the guidance of then-Home Secretary Priti Patel. Critics argued that the BBC’s previous stance was at odds with the official position of the government.

The change in terminology was confirmed in a meeting between BBC director-general Tim Davie and the Board of Deputies of British Jews. A statement from the board expressed that the BBC was committed to “continued dialogue.” Davie, expected to attend the upcoming 1922 Committee meeting on October 25, emphasised the corporation’s dedication to engaging in dialogue throughout this period.

Labour’s Shadow Minister Justin Madders criticised Davie’s slated appearance at the Conservative-dominated committee, suggesting that Davie should be open to discussions with MPs across all political parties, not only a select few.

This development signifies a substantial shift in the BBC’s editorial approach, aligning more closely with the government’s stance on Hamas, amidst a backdrop of broader debates concerning the broadcaster’s impartiality and political pressures. Story source

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