London Sees Massive Pro-Palestine Demonstration

Banners seen for ‘Muslim Armies’ Mark London’s Streets

Pro-Palestine demonstrators took to the streets of London en masse today, bearing banners for ‘Muslim Armies’ to attack Israel and ‘rescue the people of Gaza’. According to the Metropolitan Police, the crowd, numbering around 100,000, thronged the city’s central areas with a smaller contingent outside the Egyptian Embassy calling for military action against Israel.

The march was marked by signs reading “Freedom for Palestine” and “Stop Bombing Gaza”, with impassioned chants condemning Zionism and calling Israel a “terrorist state”. Amidst the sea of protesters, at least two individuals were seen holding placards depicting UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu with Hitler moustaches, branding them as ‘Crime Ministers’.

A video from the event captured a poignant moment where a London tube driver, amidst the ongoing demonstration, echoed the crowd’s sentiment with chants of “free, free Palestine” over the train’s speaker system. This act, however, stirred a debate among social media users, speculating on the safety and inclusivity of Jewish and Israeli occupants on the train.

The protest in London coincides with the UK Government’s call for ‘discipline’ from Israel amidst the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. As the marchers voiced their support for Palestine, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, at an international peace summit, urged for a balanced military response to prevent wider regional instability, underscoring the humanitarian necessity with a convoy of aid being allowed into Gaza through Egypt’s border.

In a separate gathering outside the Egyptian Embassy, members of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, an Islamist group, were recorded urging “Muslim armies” to liberate Palestine, displaying the simmering tensions and the global outcry for peace and justice in the region. Story Source.

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