UK Immigration Minister Declares Zero Tolerance towards Supporters of Banned Terror Groups

Revocation of Visas and Expulsion Await those Found Guilty of Spreading Hate and Antisemitism, States Robert Jenrick

In a staunch stance against terror, UK Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick pronounced a rigorous policy targeting supporters of outlawed terror factions. Announced on 22nd October 2023, this policy is aimed at revoking visas and expelling individuals found guilty of endorsing these terror organisations or dispersing hatred and antisemitism within the UK borders.

Jenrick, in an interview with GB News, articulated his and the Home Secretary’s firm position against such perilous elements, saying, “It’s very important to me and the Home Secretary that people who spread hate or support proscribed terrorist organisations like Hamas have no place in this country.” The minister’s remark manifests the government’s resolve to maintain the UK as a sanctuary against terrorism and hatred.

He further added that holding a visa is a “special privilege” and not an entitlement, indicating that any actions fostering hate or antisemitism will result in the forfeiture of this privilege. To put this policy into action, Jenrick has dispatched letters to chief constables throughout the nation, urging them to report such individuals to the Home Office. While there is a legal due process to be followed, the minister assured that upon receiving such referrals, they will be scrutinised and if found to meet the legal requirements, the individuals will be revoked and expelled.

Discussing the ongoing referrals, Jenrick mentioned that a number of cases are already under consideration by the Home Office, although he refrained from commenting on individual cases. He emphasised, “They should be removed. They shouldn’t have a right to live in the UK and harm our citizens and British values.”

Furthermore, on the topic of multiculturalism, the Immigration Minister acknowledged the UK as one of the most successful multiracial democracies globally, but also cautioned against the “serious failure of integration” in certain pockets. Jenrick expressed concerns over the rapid pace of immigration and the challenges it poses to successful integration, underscoring the need for a shared understanding of British values and identity among all residents.

This announcement comes amidst a backdrop of ongoing protests and broader national discourse on immigration and multiculturalism. The newly announced policy highlights the UK government’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding its citizens from the menace of terrorism and hate, ensuring a harmonious coexistence for all. Source.

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