Gaza Hospital Blast: Israel Not to Blame,” British Intelligence Concludes

Rishi Sunak speaking in the UK Parliament with destroyed cars and infrastructure in Gaza in the background."

Sunak Highlights Media “Misreporting” Impacting Regional Tensions

British intelligence has asserted that Israel was not responsible for the horrifying explosion at Gaza’s Ahli Arab Hospital, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak relayed to the House of Commons. Contrary to claims from Hamas that over 500 fatalities resulted from an Israeli airstrike, the PM declared that the calamity was instigated by a rocket fired from Palestinian territory, aimed towards Israel. Sunak cautioned media agencies, emphasising their “misreporting” had intensified tensions across the region.

Israel had refuted the accusations, insisting that the explosion was due to a rocket misfired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad. This perspective was supported by Joe Biden, the US president, who, during his peace mission to Israel following the explosion, informed Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, that the culprits belonged to “the other team”. France and Canada also voiced agreement, attributing the explosion to a malfunctioned rocket launch.

In a poignant statement to the Commons, Sunak stated, “The UK Government judges that the explosion was likely caused by a missile, or part of one, that was launched from within Gaza towards Israel.”

He also criticised the “misreporting” of the tragic event, pinpointing its detrimental effects in the region, particularly impacting vital US diplomatic initiatives and augmenting local tensions. The PM urged, “We need to learn the lessons and ensure that in future there is no rush to judgment.” Notably, broadcasters such as the BBC faced criticism for prematurely reporting Israel as the perpetrator.

In light of the devastation, Sunak revealed the UK’s plans to extend an additional £20 million in humanitarian aid for Gaza’s civilians. Alongside this, RAF and Royal Navy resources are set to be utilised to observe the circumstances in Israel and Gaza.

Addressing the profound distress in the region, Sunak, acknowledging the immense suffering of the Palestinian people, promised rigorous measures to ensure the aid does not deviate into inappropriate channels. He shared, “I travelled first to Israel. It is a nation in mourning… And Hamas still holds around 200 hostages, including British citizens. In Jerusalem, I met some of the relatives who are suffering unbearable torment.”

Downing Street defended the delay in presenting the UK’s findings, emphasising their commitment to a thorough evaluation of evidence. “The Prime Minister was clear this needed to be thorough, and we wanted to announce it in the House of Commons,” a governmental source mentioned.

Last week, Biden told Netanyahu, “Based on what I’ve seen, it appears as though it was done by the other team, not you.” Canada’s National Department of Defence also confirmed that their intelligence analysis held a “high degree of confidence” in Israel’s non-involvement in the hospital strike. Source

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