Tory Top Brass Cheer as Johnson Ties Up with GB News in Explosive Media Shake-Up

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Johnson’s Media Coup: GB News Bolsters Ranks with Former PM’s Signature

In a scorching strike against its left-leaning competitors, GB News has unveiled its partnership with none other than the country’s foremost political juggernaut, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This audacious alliance has Tory heavyweights showering praises, lauding GB News for affirming its formidable stature as the “defender of free speech”.

Reactions from the Conservative caucus were swift and sizzling. Lee Anderson, sporting dual roles as MP and GB News presenter, taunted, “This will send the left-wing media into an unholy frenzy.” Anderson continued with conviction, “GB News is the indisputable national voice, and I wager the audience of rival channels will now be irresistibly drawn to our already staggering viewer base.”

Home Secretary Priti Patel, not one to mince her words, declared: “GB News is peerless in its dynamism and candour. Boris, with his vast reservoir of wisdom, will only bolster its leading position in shaping news and current affairs discourse.”

Zac Goldsmith, former minister, was all accolades: “This is an astute choice by GB News. Boris, with his extraordinary oratory skills and vast knowledge, guarantees a viewership magnet.”

An exultant Jacob Rees-Mogg, also a presenter with GB News, succinctly declared, “Rejoice.”

Johnson, slated to take the media plunge in the upcoming year, will spearhead the channel’s coverage of key political events, both in the UK and the US. He will introduce and front a new series that celebrates Britain’s global prowess, interspersed with special features involving live audience sessions across the UK.

Detailing his impending media foray, Johnson stated: “GB News, with its rebellious spirit and burgeoning viewership, is where I’ll be shortly, sharing unfiltered perspectives on pivotal global matters.”

Additional scoops from the channel revealed Johnson promising a no-holds-barred commentary on a range of burning topics – from Russia and China, the Ukrainian war, to the bounteous prospects awaiting Britain.

Michael Booker, Editorial Director, exuded excitement: “Having Boris aboard is a coup for GB News. With his unparalleled influence and journalistic prowess, he’s a viewer magnet, and we’re raring to embark on this transformative journey with him.” Source.

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