Starmer’s Stance Sparks Controversy: Former Councillor Accuses Labour Leader of “Endorsing Genocide”

Amidst a Fiery Debate Over the Israel-Hamas Conflict, Keir Starmer Faces Backlash Within His Party

Tensions have erupted within the Labour Party over its leader, Sir Keir Starmer’s controversial remarks concerning the Israel-Hamas conflict. Former City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council Labour councillor, Taj Salam, has made a bold claim, accusing Starmer of having “endorsed a genocide”. This criticism comes in the wake of Starmer’s comments which appeared to suggest Israel’s right to cut off essential supplies, such as water and energy, to Gaza.

In an impassioned interview on GB News, Salam delved into his reasons for resigning from his position. He stated, “I resigned directly regarding the comments made by Keir Starmer on 11 October to LBC”. Salam further elucidated, “He has endorsed cutting off water, power, food. These are basic necessities and this isn’t in-keeping with the values of Labour.” Salam’s decision underscores the internal divisions within the party, with 150 Labour councillors already having written to Starmer, pressing him to advocate for an immediate ceasefire in the conflicted region.

Starmer, on his part, attempted to clarify his stance, asserting that he had meant Israel had the right to self-defence and not to deprive Gaza of essential supplies. Despite his explanation, Salam remains unconvinced, pointing out that the “damage has been done already”. Salam also expressed his dismay at the party’s approach, suggesting that elected Labour representatives should consider stepping down if the party’s stance remains unchanged.

Starmer’s remarks have not only elicited strong reactions from within the party but also raised questions about the larger issue of representation and the principles the Labour Party stands for. Salam, echoing the sentiments of many, stated, “If we cannot reflect the views of who we are representing, why are we in there?”

Addressing the ongoing conflict, Starmer released a statement stressing the inadequacy of aid and essentials reaching Gaza. He highlighted the “humanitarian emergency on the ground” and called for a significant increase in supplies. Reaffirming his belief in a diplomatic resolution, Starmer emphasised the need for a two-state solution and urged for a renewal of talks to achieve this. Source

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