Rochdale’s Dark Underbelly Exposed: Repugnant Child Sex Ring Leaders Imprisoned for Over 70 Years

Image of the convicted Rochdale gang members

Justice descends on the malevolent masterminds of Rochdale’s sinister child sex ring, as two decades of horrifying sexual exploitation sees the fiendish five shackled by the stern chains of law.

In a grim tale of sinister exploitation, the courts have finally clamped down on a malevolent gang of five from Rochdale, who subjected two young girls to harrowing sexual abuse nearly 20 years ago. Yesterday, a hefty combined sentence of over 70 years was meted out to the nefarious individuals, finally putting an end to a dark chapter in the lives of the survivors, known only as Girls A and B.

The nefarious activities of Jahn Shahid Ghani, Mohammed Ghani, Insar Hussain, Ali Razza Hussain Kasmi, and Martin Rhodes date back two decades, but only recently saw the harsh light of the judicial day. The malevolent quintet were found guilty of a litany of child sex offences, the details of which send a cold shiver down the spine of justice. Their sinister actions came to light in 2015, when one of the survivors, now 33, revealed the daily torment she endured during a parenting course.

Fuelled by a concoction of alcohol and drugs, the vile predators treated their young victims like “pieces of meat,” a chilling phrase that reveals the depth of their depravity. The victims were mere 13 and 14 years old at the time, tragically ripe for exploitation by the wicked gang. The loathsome gang members created a nefarious wheel of abuse, degradation, and humiliation that left indelible scars on the psyche of these innocent girls.

The trial, held in Manchester over the summer, saw the brothers Mohammed Ghani and Jahn Shahid Ghani, along with Insar Hussain and Ali Razza Hussain Kasmi, convicted after a harrowing recount of their grotesque crimes. Martin Rhodes, the fifth gang member, admitted to four child sex offences, sealing his fate alongside his sinister cohorts.

The sentencing, delivered at Minshull Street Crown Court, echoed the disdain of a society disgusted by such reprehensible acts. Jahn Ghani, 50, received a 20-year sentence for six counts of sexual assault and one of causing a child to engage in sexual activity. Hussain, aged 38, was slapped with a 17-year sentence for rape and two counts of sexual assault. Mohammed Ghani, 39, will serve 14 years for five counts of sexual assault, while Kasmi, 36, was sentenced to eight years for one count of rape and two of sexual intercourse with a child. Rhodes, 39, was handed a 12-year and six-month sentence for four counts of sexual assault.

At the heart of this vile network was Mohammed Ghani, known by the chilling moniker “Gunny”. His nefarious role was highlighted by Judge Tina Landale, who, in a scathing address, noted how he had treated Girl A “as a piece of meat”, passing her around his fiendish friends for their abhorrent desires. This case has marked the biggest child sexual exploitation crown court case involving men from Rochdale since 2012, when nine were convicted for similarly debased acts of grooming and abusing girls as young as 13.

Following the sentencing, Detective Chief Inspector Guy Laycock, the senior investigating officer, extended his heartfelt gratitude towards the brave survivors. His words echoed the sentiment of a society repulsed by the actions of the convicted. He said, “They have put their trust in my team and demonstrated extraordinary resilience in the face of their traumatic experiences at the hands of these abhorrent offenders.” Sharon Hubber, of Rochdale Children’s Services, also chimed in stating that no sentence “can replace the years these abusers have stolen from their victims”.

This grim episode serves as a brutal reminder of the sinister predators that lurk in society, waiting for an opportune moment to pounce on the innocent. The lengthy sentences handed down to these vile individuals reflect a justice system that, although delayed, has finally brought a modicum of closure to the tormented souls of the survivors. As the dark clouds of this malevolent saga begin to dissipate, the hope is that the harsh sentences will serve as a stern deterrent to others harbouring similar sinister intentions. Story Source

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