Tory Defectors Favour Reform UK Over Labour, Unveils Sky News Poll

A voter marking Conservative on the ballot

Exclusive YouGov survey unfolds a stark reality for Labour, as Tory switchers find solace to the right, amplifying the uphill battle for Sir Keir Starmer.

The Conservative party’s recent tribulations seem to have pushed some of its loyalists into the arms of Reform UK, rather than the Labour party. According to a meticulous new poll orchestrated for Sky News, only a meagre 11% of 2019 Tory voters would now cast their allegiance to Labour. The results unveil an even bleaker reality for Sir Keir Starmer and his battalion; slightly more Tory defectors, 12%, have sought refuge with Reform UK, a party standing to the right of the Conservatives.

The poll, a comprehensive endeavour by YouGov, scrupulously surveyed 5,621 voters, unveiling the hard truth for Labour. The political tug-of-war for the disillusioned Tory voters will arguably be the cynosure of the upcoming electoral bout. The Conservative strategists are undoubtedly sharpening their swords and moulding their policies to woo this pivotal group back into their fold.

Less than half of the 2019 Tory aficionados, precisely 40%, pledged to stand by the Conservatives if the election bells tolled tomorrow. The data extrapolates a nebulous political atmosphere with 23% of these voters swathed in indecision, while 7% have chosen to abandon the electoral battlefield altogether.

In the 2019 political joust, a robust 44% of the electorate sided with the Conservatives. Fast forward to the present day, this figure has plummeted to a mere 24%, painting a grim tableau for the Tories. The odyssey of the ex-Tory voters and whether they will retrace their steps back to the party will play a cardinal role in sculpting the political landscape.

However, amidst the storm clouds, a silver lining emerges for the Conservatives. The YouGov poll dissected the sentiments of the 2019 Tory voters now nestled on the fence of indecision. Here, a glimmer of hope sparkles for the Conservatives as Rishi Sunak garners a net positive rating, scoring +7 percentage points, starkly outshining Keir Starmer who is languishing in a quagmire of negativity.

The pulse of the average voter resonates with concerns circling the economy, health, and asylum. Yet, among the undecided Tory loyalists, the clarion call for stringent immigration policies rings louder, even overshadowing economic concerns. This revelation underscores the rationale behind the Tories’ vigorous campaign spotlighting immigration issues.

Patrick English, the maestro behind the YouGov poll, earmarked these voters as a “crucial set of voters”. His detailed scrutiny into the voter demographics and their stance on pivotal issues has unearthed some encouraging digits for the Conservatives. They hold Rishi Sunak in higher esteem compared to Keir Starmer, and their allegiance to the Conservative ethos, especially on immigration, remains steadfast.

This exhaustive scrutiny into the shifting sands of voter allegiance lays bare the mountainous task ahead for Labour. The Tories, although trailing in the popularity race, harbour a flicker of hope in rekindling the support of their erstwhile followers. The stakes are sky-high as the parties brace for the electoral showdown. Story Source

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