M&S Christmas Campaign Under Fire: Lord Frost Criticises ‘Selfish’ Festive Message

M&S Christmas Advert Criticised by Lord Frost for 'Selfish' Message

Former Brexit Minister Lord Frost Highlights Departure from Christmas Traditions in M&S Advert

Marks & Spencer, a cornerstone of British retail, has sparked controversy with its latest Christmas campaign, drawing criticism from prominent figures, including Lord Frost. The campaign, featuring Hannah Waddingham, encourages individuals to indulge in their own version of Christmas, stirring a debate on the true essence of the festive season.

Lord Frost, a steadfast Brexiteer, expressed his disapproval on X, targeting the campaign’s portrayal of Christmas as an “entirely selfish event.” He emphasised the ad’s departure not only from the “Christian meaning of Christmas” but also from its secular traditions.

“The ad now presents it as an entirely selfish event – about doing what you want with the holiday, defining it yourself, and not being made to do anything you don’t wish to,” Lord Frost stated, underlining a growing trend of distancing from tradition and the Christian roots of British society.

The advertisement, with the tagline “Love Thismas (Not Thatmas),” is accompanied by Ray BLK’s rendition of “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That).” While aiming to resonate with contemporary sentiments, the campaign has inadvertently ignited a debate on the commercialisation and individualisation of Christmas.

Adding fuel to the fire, an outtake showing Christmas hats in the colours red, green, and silver burning in a fireplace garnered backlash from some social media users, who noted a resemblance to the Palestinian flag. M&S promptly issued an apology and removed the contentious post, clarifying that the image was intended to be a playful take on the reluctance some have towards wearing paper Christmas hats.

Despite the apology, several M&S customers rallied in defence of the brand, arguing that the need for an apology was unwarranted. This incident has not only sparked a discussion about the evolving nature of Christmas celebrations but also the sensitivity and responsiveness of brands in the face of public opinion.

Lord Frost’s intervention serves as a reminder of the enduring debate surrounding the true spirit of Christmas, as society navigates the delicate balance between tradition and modernity. As Britain continues to forge its post-Brexit identity, the discourse on cultural and societal values remains as pertinent as ever. Story Source

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3 thoughts on “M&S Christmas Campaign Under Fire: Lord Frost Criticises ‘Selfish’ Festive Message

  1. As a M&S shareholder, the board member or collective board members should consider their respective values on the true reason for Christmas and resign if it is too tiresome for them.

  2. Trying to take the Christ out of Christmas hey M&S! Quite the Satanic message don’t you think’ “Do what tho wilt” Aleister Crowley! 😡
    I’m done shopping with you!

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