Labour Turmoil: 1 in 5 Councillors Consider Resignation Over Party’s Israel-Hamas Stance

Labour councillors contemplating resignation over party's stance on Israel-Hamas conflict.

Internal Survey Reveals Mounting Dissatisfaction Among Labour Councillors, Threatening Mass Resignations Over Leadership’s Response to Middle East Conflict.

The Labour Party faces a burgeoning internal crisis as new polling data reveals that 1 in 5 councillors are contemplating resignation due to dissatisfaction with the party’s position on the escalating Israel-Hamas conflict. This dissent comes in the aftermath of Hamas’ devastating terror attack on Israel on October 14 and Israel’s subsequent military retaliation.

The poll, conducted by Savanta, indicates deepening rifts within the Labour Party, with only 37% of councillors expressing satisfaction with the party’s response to the Israel-Palestine situation. The data highlights a stark divide, with 43% of councillors dissatisfied with Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership on the issue, and 18% remaining neutral.

Labour’s Jess Phillips has publicly questioned Israel’s defence tactics, casting doubt on whether the state’s actions could be considered self-defence. The internal unrest is further exacerbated by less than half (47%) of Labour councillors being satisfied with the party’s stance on Brexit.

Chris Hopkins, Savanta’s Political Research Director, emphasised the significance of these findings, stating, “These results imply there is a significant proportion of Labour councillors who are not behind Starmer’s decision-making thus far, putting the leadership in an awkward and uncomfortable position.”

The dissatisfaction is not confined to a vocal minority; at least 31 Labour councillors have already resigned, and prominent figures like Alex Cunningham, Yasmin Qureshi, and Imran Hussain are vocally advocating for an end to the hostilities. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has also joined the call for a ceasefire.

In a defensive speech, Sir Keir acknowledged the principle of “collective responsibility” but maintained that a ceasefire could embolden Hamas and hinder long-term peace efforts. He advocates for a humanitarian pause to address Palestinian suffering.

As internal discord and dissatisfaction mount, Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership is facing a critical test. The growing potential for mass resignations threatens not only his position but the unity and electoral prospects of the Labour Party itself. Story Source

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