London’s Leadership Crisis: Gardiner Blasts Khan for Tolerating Extremism

Nile Gardiner speaking at Arc Conference, criticising Sadiq Khan's leadership.

Nile Gardiner Accuses Mayor Sadiq Khan of Fostering Hatred and Ineffectual Policing Amid Protests

In a scathing critique, Nile Gardiner, a notable political commentator and former aide to Margaret Thatcher, has castigated London Mayor Sadiq Khan for his handling of recent protests in the capital, accusing him of “fostering hate” and labelling his leadership as “an absolute disgrace”. Speaking at the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (Arc) Conference, Gardiner did not mince his words, pointing to the lack of decisive action against “Hamas sympathisers” and the perceived ineffectiveness of the Metropolitan Police under Khan’s tenure.

Gardiner’s fierce condemnation came to light during an interview with GB News, where he expressed his disdain for what he perceives as the unchecked rise of anti-Semitic sentiment and lawlessness on London’s streets. He argued that the situation is the culmination of decades of mass migration conducted without the British people’s consent, leading to the unsettling scenes witnessed today.

“It’s absolutely outrageous what we’re seeing,” Gardiner remarked. He lambasted the Metropolitan Police for being “weak-kneed” and ineffective, a condition he attributes to “poor leadership” from both the force’s heads and Mayor Khan. He went further, labelling Khan as a “far-left extremist” who, in Gardiner’s view, not only tolerates but fosters demonstrations rife with hatred.

The consequences of such tolerance, according to Gardiner, are palpable in the growing culture of fear among British citizens, particularly within the Jewish community. He underscored that these demonstrations, ostensibly advocating for peace, are, in reality, about hate.

Adding to the chorus of criticism, Gardiner pointed out the disconnect between the Mayor’s office and the Home Secretary’s directives. Despite clear instructions from Home Secretary Suella Braverman for the police to act decisively, Gardiner notes a glaring absence of response, an issue he attributes to “poor leadership” from both the police and the Mayor.

In closing, Gardiner underscored the gravity of the situation, painting a picture of lawlessness and occupation that he finds utterly unacceptable in British society. His remarks serve as a clarion call for stronger leadership and a more robust response to extremism in London. Story Source

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