Patrick Christys Lambastes M&S for ‘Woke’ Christmas Advert in Fiery Critique

Patrick Christys GB News M&S Christmas Advert Criticism

GB News Presenter Accuses M&S of Capitulating to ‘Woke Diversity Mafia’ in Recent Festive Campaign

In a recent scathing commentary, Patrick Christys of GB News has taken aim at Marks & Spencer over their Christmas advert, accusing the company of bowing down to the “woke diversity mafia”. Christys’ critique, voiced with unyielding candour, denounces the advert for altering the traditional ‘Christmas’ to ‘Thismas’ and for promoting what he perceives as “utter selfishness” over the festive season’s spirit of love and generosity.

The broadcast journalist further lambasts the advert for its perceived lack of representation of the nuclear family, the elderly, and children, suggesting that M&S has forsaken these core societal units in favour of an overemphasis on racial diversity. Echoing the sentiments of many, Christys points to the outcry on social media, where the advert’s content has stirred considerable controversy.

Adding fuel to the fire, the advert has also sparked a backlash for unintentionally offending pro-Palestine supporters. A scene in the advert, misinterpreted by some as depicting the burning of the Palestinian flag, led to an uproar and compelled M&S to issue an apology. Christys, in his inimitable style, ridicules the company’s response, framing it as a grovelling surrender to a baseless outrage.

Citing a tweet from commentator and friend of GB News Chris Rose, Christys juxtaposes the indignation over the advert’s imagery with the often-dismissed aggressive rhetoric against Israel. This comparison serves to highlight what Christys sees as a disproportionate and misplaced sensitivity to the advert’s content.

Concluding his fiery critique, Christys underscores the futility of companies like M&S attempting to appease all factions of society. He asserts that no matter how far one goes to placate the “mob”, it will never be enough. In a defiant closing statement, he urges the public to reject the notion of a ‘Thismas’ and instead embrace the traditional and joyous ‘Christmas’.

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