Reform UK’s Tice Calls for Deportation of Remembrance Day Protesters

Richard Tice demanding action against Remembrance Day protesters

Richard Tice Demands Immediate Action Against Foreign Nationals Disrupting Armistice Commemorations

In a striking stance, Reform UK leader Richard Tice has demanded the immediate deportation of foreign nationals who disrupt the sanctity of Remembrance weekend with protests against Israel in central London. With a “million person march” for Palestine planned to coincide with the nation’s homage to its fallen heroes, there is an outcry for the Government to intervene and halt these demonstrations.

Mr. Tice has echoed the sentiments of many by advocating for the army’s presence on London’s streets to safeguard the commemorative events and address any protesters over the weekend. This move gains momentum following Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s directive to the police to ensure the “sanctity of Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday” is maintained.

Despite the Prime Minister’s firm statement, Tice believes the measures don’t go far enough. Emphasising the significance of Remembrance weekend as a cornerstone of British national heritage, the Reform UK leader calls for an outright ban on any marches related to “Armistice Day Free Palestine” during this period, insisting on stringent enforcement.

Tice’s position is unyielding: any defiance of such a ban should be met with fines, and foreign nationals should face visa revocation, citing a lack of respect for British customs and values. Furthermore, he proposes the swift introduction of legislation prohibiting protest marches and events on Armistice Day and Remembrance weekend altogether.

The looming protests, planned for September 11, just a day before the solemn commemorations at the Cenotaph, have stirred controversy and concern. Past demonstrations have seen pro-Palestinian groups affixing platforms to the Cenotaph adorned with anti-Israel and antisemitic slogans, actions that have not only desecrated a sacred monument but have also raised questions about the police’s ability to maintain order.

Met Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley has openly acknowledged the strain on the force, leaving parts of London vulnerable. Yet, the perceived leniency towards individuals openly supporting Hamas, designated a terrorist organisation by the UK, has sparked criticism and raised concerns about public safety and the enforcement of the law.

As tensions simmer in the capital, the nation turns a watchful eye to the government’s response, hoping for measures that will honor the sacrifices of those who fought for freedom and maintain the peace and dignity of Remembrance weekend. Story Source

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