Radical Iranian Influence in the UK: Conservative MPs Raise Alarm

IRGC and its controversial presence in the UK highlighted amidst concerns of radical influence.

Senior Tories Highlight Risks of Unchecked Iranian Operations in Britain

In a concerning development, senior Conservative members have issued stern warnings about the activities of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), an entity they describe as the “radical arm” of the Iranian Government, which is reportedly exerting its influence over British citizens. This revelation has sparked a serious debate about national security and foreign influence within the United Kingdom.

Former Conservative leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith and ex-Defence Select Committee Chair Tobias Ellwood have voiced their concerns to Express.co.uk, particularly in light of upcoming pro-Palestine protests coinciding with Remembrance Day in London. These protests, they argue, are a direct result of IRGC’s clandestine operations in the UK, targeting impressionable youth with disinformation campaigns.

“It’s very clear that some UK-based pro-Iran organisations are using events in the Middle East to sow tensions through disinformation often directed at the younger age group,” Ellwood explained, highlighting the urgent need for countermeasures to prevent the radicalisation of young Britons.

Sir Iain Duncan Smith echoed these sentiments, pointing out the UK’s failure to designate the IRGC as a terrorist organisation—a stark contrast to the United States, which has imposed sanctions on IRGC officials and listed the group as a foreign terrorist organisation under the Trump administration in 2019. “The British Government is sadly beginning to look sort of weak,” Sir Iain lamented, emphasising the IRGC’s unrestrained activities within the UK.

The impending pro-Palestinian protests, planned to occur on a day of national remembrance, have been criticised by Tory MPs and veterans alike. Mr Ellwood, a former British Army Captain, labelled any disruptions on Remembrance Day as “highly inappropriate,” a sentiment echoed by Reform leader Richard Tice who called for the protests to be banned due to their potential to incite hate and violence.

In response to these planned protests, conservative groups like Turning Point UK have called on citizens to respectfully protect the sanctity of Remembrance Day. Jack Ross, the organisation’s CEO, urged supporters to peacefully surround the Cenotaph in a show of respect for British heroes.

While organisers from Friends of Al-Aqsa, the group behind the pro-Palestine protest, have assured that they will steer clear of the Cenotaph, concerns remain high among Conservative ranks. This development puts a spotlight on the UK’s need to reassess its stance on foreign entities like the IRGC and the extent of their operations on British soil. Story Source

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