Journalist Michael Crick Ejected From GB News Studio in Heated Right-Wing Bias Row

Michael Crick removed from GB News studio during a live broadcast

Founding Channel 4 Journalist Michael Crick Removed Amidst Allegations of Network’s Political Partiality

In a dramatic turn of events, Michael Crick, one of the original journalists of Channel 4, found himself ousted from Neil Oliver’s GB News show following a fiery dispute over the network’s alleged right-wing leanings.

Crick, whose journalistic tenure spans from the early days of Channel 4 News to a notable period with the BBC, didn’t mince words in expressing his view that GB News should face closure by the regulatory authority Ofcom for its purported bias.

The confrontation escalated when Oliver challenged Crick’s assertions as potentially advocating media censorship. In a sharp retort, Crick doubled down, labeling the channel “biased and right-wing,” and critiqued Ofcom for its lax oversight.

Despite Oliver’s attempts to steer the conversation towards a more balanced perspective, highlighting GB News’ inclusivity of diverse political voices, Crick remained undeterred. He pointed to the disproportionate representation of Conservative MPs and Brexit party leaders on the network, reinforcing his accusation of a right-wing slant.

The tension reached a boiling point as Oliver endeavored to segue away from the heated exchange, only to be met with Crick’s continued diatribe, enumerating the Conservative figures hosting shows on GB News.

In the aftermath, Crick took to social media, alleging that he was “expelled” from the studio post-rant. He recounted an encounter with an incensed producer who summarily commanded him to leave, citing his reluctance to shift topics.

GB News, faced with this contentious episode, has yet to issue a formal statement. As the incident garners attention, it underscores the ongoing debate over media impartiality and freedom of expression within the UK’s dynamic political landscape.

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2 thoughts on “Journalist Michael Crick Ejected From GB News Studio in Heated Right-Wing Bias Row

  1. BBC, Channel 4 even Yahoo are left leaning and we have to put up with their waffle. GB News is up setting the left as they make more sense

  2. With every other news channel (BBC, SKY, ITV, CHANNEL 4; the list is never ending) providing left leaning, scare monger tactics as their overall strategy, were need a opposing view to be able to compare, and therefore make our own minds up. If we’re only fed one narrative across all platforms, as had been the case for many years now, it’s not really unbiased, is it. We need a choice at the end of the day.

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