Deportation: The Just Response to Remembrance Day Defilement, Declares War Hero

Lieutenant Colonel Tim Collins expressing his stance on memorial defilers

Colonel Tim Collins advocates for the immediate deportation of individuals desecrating war memorials.

In a recent revelation to, Lieutenant Colonel Tim Collins OBE, esteemed for his service in the Iraq War, has voiced a stringent stance against those who tarnish the sanctity of Britain’s memorials. His impassioned plea comes in light of the pro-Palestinian Remembrance Day protests, which pose a grave threat to the nation’s cherished war memorials.

“Those who err should endure the full weight of the law,” Colonel Collins firmly stated. He further proposed that non-compliant residents should be stripped of their visas, and non-citizens should be banished indefinitely. His sentiments resonate with the core British values of decorum and respect, underpinning the freedoms that the nation holds dear.

Reclaim party leader Laurence Fox echoed Collins’ sentiments, emphasising the nation’s identity rooted in its history and culture. He supported the protesters’ right to march, albeit not at the expense of disrespecting the nation’s poignant history. “We must safeguard free speech, but not at the cost of our nation’s dignity,” Fox declared.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Home Secretary Suella Braverman have expressed grave concerns over the planned “Million March for Palestine,” coinciding with Armistice Day. They underscored the imperative to uphold the solemnity of Remembrance Day, a sentiment wholeheartedly shared by Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick, who underscored the sanctity of Armistice Day.

In essence, the united front presented by these prominent figures reflects a nation unwavering in its commitment to honouring its past, steadfast in protecting the legacy of those who sacrificed for today’s liberties. Story Source

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3 thoughts on “Deportation: The Just Response to Remembrance Day Defilement, Declares War Hero

  1. Stop these hate protests messing with our poppy day bring the army in if they can’t live in peace here don’t live here noone likes what’s going on in over there but we can’t stop it if they can’t live in peace don’t bring it here stop messing with our traditions

  2. Some say they have a right to protest,but not at special occasions like this …to do so is politically motivated and immoral….and those that do , are blind bigots or themselves immoral……hamas ( who were voted into power by the majority of people in Gaza) deliberately murdered, raped and tortured over 1,400 Israeli citizens (there was no outcry from these groups at the time) the citizens of Gaza city were told to vacate the area, they were given many warnings and some either chose not to or were prevented from by hamas ( who places military facilities within schools and hospitals)…many media outlets report on and accept casualty figures ( given to them by hamas) ….but I digress…should they be allowed to March on remembrance weekend?….no they bloody shouldn’t

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