UK’s Home Secretary Champions Greek Model for “Zero Tolerance” on Illegal Migration

Suella Braverman in Greece discussing illegal migration

Suella Braverman Applauds Greece’s Drastic Reduction in Illegal Migration, Urges UK to Adopt Similar Measures

In an unequivocal stance, Britain’s Home Secretary Suella Braverman has advocated for a “zero tolerance” approach towards illegal migration, drawing inspiration from Greece’s stringent policies. During her visit to the island of Samos in the Aegean Sea, Braverman emphasized the UK’s necessity to adopt “bold and tough” measures to curb the small boats crossing the Channel.

Although there has been a 20% reduction in such crossings this year, Braverman asserts that the UK must intensify its efforts. The Greek model, which has seen a 95% decrease in illegal migration this year, serves as a testament to the efficacy of stringent measures.

The Home Secretary’s call for action aligns with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s five pledges to the electorate, notably the halting of small boats ferrying asylum seekers to Britain’s shores. To date, close to 26,700 migrants have made the perilous journey via the English Channel this year, underscoring the urgency of reform.

At the heart of the UK’s new approach is the controversial Illegal Migration Act, which introduces the Rwanda deportation policy. This policy, currently under scrutiny by the Supreme Court, embodies the government’s commitment to deterring illegal migration.

Braverman’s discussions with Greek officials highlighted the principle of deterrence as a cornerstone of effective border security. She praised the construction of a five-metre-tall steel fence stretching 17 miles along Greece’s northeastern land border, a measure she deems crucial in stemming the tide of illegal entries.

Conversely, Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has lambasted the Tories for engendering chaos within the immigration system, citing an unprecedented asylum backlog, a steep decline in removals, and the exorbitant costs incurred from housing asylum seekers in hotels.

In her concluding remarks, Braverman reiterated the shared values between the UK and Greece in tackling illegal migration. She underscored the imperative of preventing illegal journeys from the outset, a sentiment that resonates with her vision for a more secure and sovereign Britain. Story Source

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