Nadine Dorries Exposes ‘The Movement’: A Shadowy Group Steering Tory Leadership

Nadine Dorries alleges 'The Movement' grooming Kemi Badenoch for Tory leadership.

In her explosive new book, Dorries unveils the inner workings of a secret cabal’s influence on the Conservative Party’s future.

In a startling revelation, Nadine Dorries has accused a clandestine faction within the Conservative Party, dubbed ‘The Movement’, of orchestrating the downfall of several party leaders and grooming Kemi Badenoch as the next potential leader. Her claims throw a spotlight on the turbulent dynamics of Tory leadership and raise questions about the true power behind the political throne.

Dorries alleges that this covert group, comprising influential figures like Dominic Cummings and Michael Gove, has been pulling the strings of the party’s leadership, challenging the conventional democratic process. The former cabinet minister’s book, ‘The Plot’, delves into the group’s purported long-term strategy to install their preferred candidates in power.

“The Movement’s fingerprints are on every leadership upheaval we’ve witnessed in the past two decades,” Dorries stated, pointing to a pattern of interference that has seen the rise and fall of figures like Boris Johnson, Liz Truss, and Iain Duncan Smith.

In her searing critique, Dorries casts current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as a political ingénue, unwittingly ensnared by the group’s machinations. “Rishi doesn’t realise he’s been totally played,” she commented, painting a picture of a leader out of depth amidst the party’s Machiavellian undercurrents.

The involvement of Kemi Badenoch, a rising star within the party, has also been spotlighted, with leaked WhatsApp messages suggesting her active role in the coup against Boris Johnson. Dorries’s narrative suggests a grooming process, positioning Badenoch as the heir apparent, ready to ascend once Sunak falters.

Dorries’s assertions have ignited a firestorm within the party, prompting intense speculation about the veracity of her claims and the implications for the party’s future. As the Conservative Party grapples with these explosive revelations, the question looms large: Who truly holds the reins of power within the Tory leadership? Story Source.

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