Over 50 Tory MPs Rally Behind Suella Braverman, Defending Her Controversial Op-Ed

Suella Braverman and over 50 Tory MPs stand together in support after the release of an unapproved Op-Ed criticising the police.

Over 50 Tory MPs stand with Suella Braverman after she publishes an unapproved Op-Ed criticising the police

Suella Braverman, the UK’s Home Secretary, has garnered significant support from within her own party after she published an Op-Ed that criticised the police’s handling of protests. Multiple sources have revealed that as many as 52 Conservative MPs have thrown their support behind Braverman, with many agreeing with her argument that the police’s actions are not adequately protecting the sanctity of Remembrance weekend.

According to the sources, these MPs, who mainly belong to the New Conservatives Group, believe that Braverman was justified in intervening and are urging Prime Minister Rishi Sunak not to dismiss her. This backing presents a challenge for Sunak, who is under pressure to either sack the Home Secretary or face criticism from moderates within his party.

The Op-Ed, which was published in the Times, accuses the police of playing favorites when it comes to protests and demonstrations. Although Downing Street requested changes to the draft, it is reported that Braverman ignored the request. Despite the controversy surrounding the Op-Ed, a spokesperson for Rishi Sunak stated that the Home Secretary still retains the full confidence of the Prime Minister.

Tory MP Miriam Cates, a key member of the New Conservatives, has openly expressed her support for Braverman’s Op-Ed, while other notable figures such as Sir John Hayes and Jacob Rees-Mogg have defended her against calls for her dismissal. Braverman’s stance has also earned her support from colleagues outside of the New Conservatives, with one former minister stating that she has vocalised the concerns of many within the party.

The support Braverman has received extends beyond Westminster, with former Conservative party leader Iain Duncan Smith commending her for taking a stand against pro-Palestine protests scheduled for the same weekend as Remembrance Sunday. He suggested that instead of banning the protests, they could be asked to postpone until Monday, citing the significant policing capacity required for the commemorative event as a justification.

Despite some surprise at the tone of Braverman’s Op-Ed, several MPs argue that her criticisms are warranted, especially in light of what they perceive as weaknesses within the leadership of the Metropolitan Police.

This strong backing for Suella Braverman from her party colleagues demonstrates both support for her stance on law and order issues and potential implications for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak should he decide to dismiss her. Story Source

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