Nigel Farage Stands in Support of Suella Braverman Amidst Police Row, Backed by Overwhelming Public Opinion

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Nigel Farage criticises police handling of protests and backs Suella Braverman

In a recent development, former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has come forward to voice his unwavering support for Home Secretary Suella Braverman amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding her critique of the police’s handling of the planned pro-Palestinian march in London. With a staggering poll showing that 78% of respondents believe Braverman should not be sacked, it becomes evident that public sentiment aligns with her perspective.

Nigel Farage, known for his influential political career and vocal advocacy for various causes, expressed his confidence in Braverman’s stance during an interview with GB News. According to him, the majority of the country stands behind the Home Secretary, as ordinary citizens share her concerns about the apparent double standards displayed by the police.

Farage emphasised the need for consistency in addressing protests and highlighted instances where lockdown objectors were met with little tolerance from public order police, while Black Lives Matter demonstrators were granted leniency and even supported by officers taking the knee. Additionally, he emphasised that right-wing nationalist protesters face strict responses, whereas pro-Palestinian mobs engaging in similar behavior often seem to evade appropriate consequences.

While Farage praised Braverman for her outspokenness, he expressed disappointment that her words have not translated into tangible actions. He referred to a piece she wrote during the COVID-19 pandemic, where she criticised the uneven treatment of protest groups, raising questions as to why her concerns were not adequately addressed.

Farage further asserted that the police’s handling of pro-Palestinian and even pro-Hamas supporters appears to be lenient, a concern shared by many. He argued that similar protests organised by right-wing groups, such as the English Defence League, were swiftly banned in the past, while pro-Palestinian demonstrations seemingly receive preferential treatment despite potential violations of the law. This inconsistency, according to Farage, erodes public confidence in the impartiality of law enforcement.

The Daily Telegraph conducted a snap poll to gauge public opinion on whether Braverman should be dismissed following her accusations against the police. The results spoke loud and clear: 72% of respondents believe that she should not be sacked, while only 28% support her dismissal. The poll outcome serves as a testament to the considerable backing that Braverman enjoys from the general public.

As the clamor surrounding Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s critical remarks against the police persists, Nigel Farage has stepped in to lend his resolute support. With an overwhelming 78% of respondents asserting that Braverman should not be sacked, the weight of public opinion aligns with her concerns about double standards in policing protests. As the political landscape evolves, Braverman’s unwavering standpoint and the significant support she enjoys are set to shape the discussions surrounding policing and freedom of speech in the United Kingdom. Story Source

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  1. Absolutely refreshing for some one to say it as it is. She as my banking, it’s just a shame the rest of them grew some balls in stead of pacifying the electorate.

  2. Agree whole heartedly with Suella
    We need to have people respect our culture and the people who lost their lives for this country

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