Nigel Farage to Launch Legal Battle Against NatWest and Ex-CEO

Nigel Farage gearing up for legal battle against NatWest and Dame Alison Rose.

Farage seeks multi-million pound damages for ‘debanking’ incident involving NatWest.

Nigel Farage, the former leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and Reform UK, is set to launch a significant legal challenge against NatWest bank and its former CEO, Dame Alison Rose. This move follows the closure of his account by NatWest, an action he has publicly criticised and attributed to political bias.

Farage has engaged Grosvenor Law to represent him in this legal battle, focusing on seeking compensation for the damages he believes were inflicted upon his reputation and for the legal costs incurred. He alleges that NatWest’s actions, coupled with Dame Alison Rose’s conduct, were unjust and have had substantial negative implications.

Specifically, Farage has criticised the manner in which his personal banking details were discussed between Rose and a BBC journalist, a matter which Rose later admitted to and which played a role in her resignation from the bank in July.

In a statement made before his departure to Australia for the ITV show “I’m a Celebrity”, Farage underscored his intentions to hold NatWest and Rose accountable. He accused the bank and its former CEO of lies, deceptions, and illegitimately debanking thousands of innocent individuals. He further highlighted that, despite Rose’s departure, she would still receive a substantial sum, underlining the perceived injustice of the situation​​.

An independent review conducted by Travers Smith, a city law firm, into the debanking affair revealed serious failings in how NatWest managed confidential information and communicated with Farage. The report acknowledged that Dame Alison made an “honest mistake” in disclosing Farage’s banking details. However, it also noted that the decision to close Farage’s Coutts accounts, though lawful and predominantly for commercial reasons, was marred by significant failings in process and communication.

Farage has also expressed his intention to transform his legal action against NatWest into a class-action lawsuit, aiming to represent others who he claims have been similarly wronged by the bank’s practices. Story Source

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