Suella Braverman Sacked: Rishi Sunak Faces Conservative Backlash

Suella Braverman and Rishi Sunak during a political event

The removal of the Home Secretary sparks controversy and potential rebellion within the Conservative Party

Suella Braverman’s recent dismissal by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has sent shockwaves through the UK’s political landscape. This drastic step comes shortly after Braverman, serving as the Home Secretary, published an unauthorised opinion piece harshly criticising the Metropolitan Police for biased handling of protests.

Sunak’s decision to reshuffle his Cabinet, including this significant dismissal, indicates his aim to unify his team, aligning it with his vision for the country’s future​​. However, the move has not been without controversy. Braverman’s unauthorised Op-Ed, which led to her sacking, was in fact supported by a substantial faction within the Conservative Party. Notably, many moderates called for her removal, but she also had the backing of up to 52 MPs, primarily from groups such as the New Conservatives and the Common Sense group​​.

The reshuffle also saw the departure of Schools Minister Nick Gibb, who stepped down in preparation for a diplomatic role after the upcoming general election​​. Amidst this turmoil, sources from the party’s right wing have voiced concerns about the Conservative Party being in a state of disarray, indicating a potential threat to Sunak’s leadership from those aligned with Braverman’s views​​.

Prominent Conservative figures like Tory MP Miriam Cates and former party leader Iain Duncan Smith have publicly supported Braverman’s stance, particularly her opposition to the scheduling of pro-Palestine protests during Remembrance Sunday, suggesting it would be more reasonable to postpone them to ensure efficient policing​​. This support extends beyond the New Conservatives group, indicating Braverman’s influence and the resonance of her views within the party​​.

The situation unfolds as Sunak navigates these internal challenges, aiming to establish stability and a clear direction for his government and the Conservative Party. Story Source

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