Rishi Sunak Accused of Neglecting Red Wall Voters

Tory Frustration Over Government’s Shift in Focus

Furious Conservatives have levelled accusations at Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, claiming he is “deliberately walking away” from Red Wall voters. This criticism follows a significant reshuffle in the Cabinet, suggesting a shift in policy direction. The New Conservatives, a faction within the party, expressed concerns that the reshuffle symbolizes a move away from the voter coalition that secured a substantial majority in the 2019 elections.

This group, founded by Miriam Cates and Danny Kruger, has announced plans to fundraise independently, focusing on marginal seats in the North and Midlands. They aim to address issues like migration and trans rights, which they feel the party is overlooking.

The 2019 election, building on the Brexit referendum, marked a political realignment in Britain. Voters across regions, from rural areas to industrial towns, rejected the prevailing consensus, which had led to wage stagnation, high taxation, regional inequality, and controversial cultural and foreign policies.

The New Conservatives, including about 20 MPs, are particularly disturbed by the sacking of Home Secretary Suella Braverman and the return of David Cameron to frontline politics. They see these moves as a departure from the government’s commitment to the realignment of politics.

New Foreign Secretary Cameron’s commitment to reduce legal migration contrasts with the current high migration figures, highlighting a policy gap. Downing Street has confirmed that Cameron’s goal to significantly lower migration is not an official government policy.

Despite their concerns, Cates and Kruger remain dedicated to securing a Conservative victory in the next elections. They emphasize the importance of addressing issues like high net migration and propose policy reforms, including a new asylum policy framework, revising human rights laws, and withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights.

In summary, the New Conservatives see the recent reshuffle and policy shifts as a move away from the values and interests of mainstream Britain, which the government was elected to represent in 2019. Story Source

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