Sunak Considers Snap Election Amid Rwanda Migrant Scheme Controversy

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in thought over Rwanda deportation scheme

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda deportation plan faces legal hurdles and internal Conservative Party dissent.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has not dismissed the possibility of a snap general election as he faces obstacles in implementing his contentious plan to deport migrants to Rwanda.

This scheme, aimed at sending migrants, including refugees, to Rwanda, encountered a legal roadblock when the Supreme Court halted it earlier this week. Sunak plans to sign a new treaty with Rwanda and introduce emergency legislation to initiate the deportation flights.

Some Conservative MPs suggest an election could be a response if the House of Lords blocks these new laws. Sunak, while avoiding direct comments on the possibility of an election, emphasised that it’s Labour’s decision to either oppose or support the bill, indicating his determination to expedite the legislative process. He asserts that the British public is frustrated and wants action on this issue.

Sunak’s planned legislation considers Rwanda a “safe” country for deportations, countering the Supreme Court’s concerns over Rwanda’s handling of asylum claims. Downing Street hasn’t ruled out discussing an emergency law during the Christmas recess, emphasising the Prime Minister’s commitment to the issue.

Meanwhile, the government has already spent £140 million in Rwanda without deporting any asylum seekers. Internal Conservative conflicts intensify, with senior Tory MP Damian Green comparing Suella Braverman’s proposal for emergency powers to override legal challenges to the authoritarian practices of Putin and Xi Jinping. Story Source

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