Sunak at Risk of Losing Parliamentary Seat in Upcoming Election

Rishi Sunak, UK Prime Minister, in a challenging political position before the general election

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak could be ousted from his seat in a historic turn of events in UK politics.

In a dramatic twist in British politics, current polls indicate that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak might become the first sitting Prime Minister to lose his parliamentary seat in a general election.

This startling development follows a series of polls conducted after Sunak’s major government reshuffle, suggesting a significant loss of support in his Richmond constituency in North Yorkshire.

According to these polls, the Labour Party has gained a substantial lead over the Tories, with a margin ranging from 24 to 30 points, while Tory support has dwindled to between 19 and 22 percent.

This shift in public opinion is seen as a direct consequence of the internal strife within the Conservative Party and recent governmental decisions, including the sacking of Home Secretary Suella Braverman and the Supreme Court’s ruling blocking the Rwanda deportations.

A former cabinet minister, reflecting on the party’s current predicament, likened the situation to the 1906 general election when the Conservatives suffered their worst defeat, securing only 156 seats.

The historical parallel draws attention to the party’s internal divisions, which currently revolve around Brexit-related issues and the cost of living crisis, compounded by the lingering impact of the Covid pandemic.

Despite Sunak’s dominant win in the 2019 election, where he secured 63.6 percent of the votes in Richmond, the current scenario paints a bleak picture.

Analysts suggest that in a potential “wipeout scenario”, Sunak could be among several high-profile casualties. Michela Morizzo, CEO of Techne UK, highlighted that while the reshuffle was an attempt to address the crisis, it appeared disconnected from the pressing needs of the populace, especially amidst the soaring cost of living and energy bills. Story Source

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