UK Outrage Over French Border Spending: Microwaves, Vacuums, and a Horse Brigade?

French border force spending controversy over UK-funded appliances and horse brigade

UK Politicians Slam France for Misuse of £40.4 Million Border Force Funds, Sparking Controversy and Accusations.

In a startling revelation, UK politicians have expressed severe criticism of the French border force’s use of funds provided by the UK. The funds, amounting to £40.4 million, were part of the Sandhurst Treaty, an agreement aimed at curbing the influx of small boats across the English Channel. However, recent disclosures have shown that the money has been spent on seemingly unrelated items, sparking a contentious debate.

Politico’s Freedom of Information requests unearthed that a significant portion of this budget was allocated to everyday appliances for French police, such as microwaves, vacuum cleaners for cars, and car adapters for chargers. This expenditure has raised eyebrows among UK officials and the public alike.

Transportation costs, including helicopters, cars, motorbikes, e-scooters, and quad bikes, accounted for a major part of the spending. Additionally, surveillance equipment like binoculars, drones, dashcams, hunting cameras, endoscopes, and software also featured in the expense list. A notable £130,383 was invested in establishing a horse brigade, which included the purchase of riding boots, helmets, and horse care, with an annual operating cost of around £26,000.

Despite these investments, French police have reportedly stopped less than half of the migrants attempting to cross the Channel since the treaty’s inception in 2018. This inefficiency has fueled the debate, with UK politicians questioning the effectiveness and rationale behind the spending.

Conservative MP Tim Loughton expressed his indignation on GB News, accusing France of “taking the P” with its use of the funds. Former MEP Ben Habib went a step further, accusing the UK government of “rewarding” French authorities for their “bad behaviour.”

The UK government, in response, is facing increasing pressure to review its funding strategy and ensure more accountability in the future. This incident has not only raised questions about the effectiveness of the Sandhurst Treaty but also about the broader strategy of managing cross-channel migration. Story Source

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