Barnier’s Blunt Brexit Blast: EU “Door Still Open” for Starmer, Slamming Tory Tactics

Michel Barnier discussing Brexit implications and opportunities for the UK with Sir Keir Starmer's potential leadership in a Financial Times interview.

In a frank interview, Michel Barnier criticises the Conservative Government’s approach to Brexit, while suggesting Sir Keir Starmer could rewrite the UK’s future with the EU.

Michel Barnier, the EU’s key player in the Brexit negotiations, has unleashed a scathing critique of the Conservative Government’s handling of the Brexit process, while intriguingly leaving the door ajar for potential changes under Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer. His revelations, made in a candid interview with the Financial Times, throw a spotlight on the complexities and contentious nature of the UK-EU relationship post-Brexit.

Barnier, who was at the helm of the EU Commission’s negotiation team from 2019 to 2021, expressed his astonishment at the Conservative Government’s strategies, which he implies were short-sighted and mishandled. His most poignant regret centers on the UK’s withdrawal from the Erasmus exchange program, a move that not only undermined educational opportunities for students but also symbolised a broader retreat from collaborative European initiatives.

This decision, contradicting earlier assurances by Boris Johnson about the security of the Erasmus scheme, marked a significant turning point in the Brexit narrative. Barnier’s disappointment in this move is palpable, as he describes it as a “real sadness,” underscoring the lost opportunities for cross-cultural and educational exchange.

However, Barnier’s interview was not merely a reflection on the past; it also cast a forward-looking gaze, particularly towards the potential leadership of Sir Keir Starmer. He suggests that under Starmer, there could be room to “improve the functioning of the agreement,” notably hinting at a possible UK return to the Erasmus program. Such a move would mark a stark contrast to the current government’s approach and could signal a significant shift in UK-EU relations.

Barnier’s comments on Starmer are telling. He lauds the Labour leader’s grasp of the Brexit negotiations’ intricacies and subtly endorses his potential as the UK’s future Prime Minister. However, he stops short of endorsing Labour’s ambitious plan to overhaul the UK-EU trade agreement, dubbing it a challenging endeavour while acknowledging some aspects of the plan as “pragmatic and possible.”

In conclusion, Michel Barnier’s reflections serve as a critical and contentious commentary on the Brexit process, highlighting the missteps and potential opportunities for the UK’s political future. His insights offer a unique perspective on the complex and often turbulent nature of UK-EU relations, suggesting that while some doors have closed, others may yet open, especially under a new leadership. Story Source

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