Geert Wilders at election victory celebration
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Geert Wilders’ Election Triumph: A Catalyst for Escalating EU Tensions

Geert Wilders’ victory in the Dutch general election marks a significant turn in EU politics, highlighting rising right-wing populism and its impact on European unity and immigration policies.

Dublin city center riots aftermath with police presence.
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Unrest in Dublin: McGregor’s Scathing Critique of Varadkar’s Response to Riot Chaos

UFC star Conor McGregor criticizes Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s response to the violent riots in Dublin following a stabbing incident, demanding immediate action and stronger leadership.

Police and emergency services at the scene of the Dublin riots following a school stabbing, with smoke and damaged vehicles visible.
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Chaos in Dublin: Varadkar Condemns Rioters Following School Stabbing

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar condemns the violent riots in Dublin following a stabbing incident near a school, urging the nation to reflect on its true values.

Keir Starmer with EU anthem "Ode to Joy" representing Labour Party's ethos.
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Keir Starmer Endorses “Ode to Joy” as Labour Party’s Anthem

Labour Leader Keir Starmer’s preference for EU anthem ‘Ode to Joy’ sparks debate over party’s direction and UK’s relationship with the EU.

Rishi Sunak in a dilemma as Cabinet members revolt over high migration figures
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Rishi Sunak in Turmoil: Cabinet Revolt Looms Over Migration Crisis

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak grapples with a potential Cabinet revolt as Tory backbenchers and ministers demand immediate action on soaring migration figures, reaching record highs.

Humza Yousaf SNP Michelle O'Neill Sinn Fein Controversial Meeting.
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Yousaf’s Scheming Exposed: A Calculated Move to Break Up the United Kingdom

Humza Yousaf’s controversial meeting with Sinn Fein’s Michelle O’Neill criticised as a deliberate attempt to undermine the United Kingdom’s unity.

Patrick Christys on GB News expressing concern over housing conditions for British soldiers compared to illegal migrants.
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Outrage Over Migrant Housing: ‘This Country Has Lost Its Mind’, Says Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys of GB News ignites debate with comments on the stark disparity in housing for British soldiers and illegal migrants in the UK. Read more about the controversy and public reaction.

Braverman slams Sunak over migration policy inaction amidst record figures
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Record Migration Figures Ignite Political Firestorm: Braverman Condemns Sunak’s Inaction as Betrayal of Public Trust

Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman blasts Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for failing to address record migration figures, igniting political controversy within the Conservative Party.

UK's 2022 migration surge, Conservative government's failed immigration policy.
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UK’s Unprecedented Migration Surge: Government’s Broken Promises and Policy Disarray

The Conservative government faces criticism over the soaring net migration figures for 2022, reaching an unprecedented 745,000 amidst policy chaos and broken promises.

Mark Drakeford ULEZ-style motorway scheme in Wales
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Drakeford’s Highway Robbery: Labour’s Draconian ULEZ Scheme Devastates UK Motorists

Mark Drakeford’s ULEZ-style plan for Welsh motorways faces backlash over economic concerns and potential nationwide rollout under a Labour government in the UK.

Rishi Sunak dealing with the migration crisis in the UK
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Sunak’s Government Staggered by Historic Migration Surge

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faces mounting pressure from his own party over record-breaking migration figures, challenging his government’s stance on immigration policy.

Geert Wilders election victory celebration
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Geert Wilders’ Electoral Triumph: A Stepping Stone Towards ‘Nexit’

Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party makes significant gains in Dutch elections, stirring debates on Netherlands’ future in the EU and broader implications for the region.

David Cameron's controversial appointment as Foreign Secretary criticized by Brexit supporters
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Widdecombe Slams ‘Architect of Project Fear’ Cameron’s Appointment

Ann Widdecombe fiercely criticises David Cameron’s appointment as Foreign Secretary, labeling him ‘architect of Project Fear’, amidst Brexit controversy.

Dame Andrea Jenkyns on GB News discussing Conservative Party policies
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Tory MP Calls for Return to Thatcherism, Criticises “One Nation” Tories and Push for Stronger Right-Wing Policies

Dame Andrea Jenkyns criticises the Conservative Party’s current direction on GB News, advocating for a return to Thatcher-era policies and stronger right-wing stance.

UK Home Secretary James Cleverly with Suella Braverman at the Conservative Party Conference, discussing immigration policies.
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Cleverly’s Immigration Conundrum: Tough Talk or Tough Action?”

UK Home Secretary James Cleverly faces a critical test with looming record migration figures, signaling a potential shift in the UK’s immigration strategy amidst political unrest.

European Parliament building in Strasbourg, scene of EU treaty reform vote
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The EU’s March Towards a “Dystopian Superstate”: Radical Reform Sparks Outrage

A detailed examination of the EU Parliament’s approval of radical treaty reform proposals, inciting severe criticism and debates over the future of European sovereignty.

Richard Tice and Dr. Alan Mendoza on GB News discussing UK immigration statistics
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UK Net Migration Skyrockets to 700,000: Its A Torrent, Not a Surge

Surprising forecasts reveal UK net migration has soared to 700,000 in 2023, sparking a heated debate among experts and politicians about the future of immigration policies.

Intense debate between Jacob Rees-Mogg and Cameron Ford on GB News
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Explosive Clash on GB News: Just Stop Oil’s Ford Slams Rees-Mogg’s Views

An in-depth look at the fiery debate between Just Stop Oil’s Cameron Ford and Jacob Rees-Mogg on GB News, underscoring the contentious nature of the climate change discussion in the UK.

Cover of SNP's white paper on Scotland's marine sector and EU membership goals, highlighting the party's vision and the ensuing political debate.
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SNP’s Illusionary Fishing Dreams: Unveiling a Masked Agenda for EU Membership Ambitions

The SNP’s new white paper on Scotland’s marine sector faces harsh criticism for its unrealistic EU membership goals and negligence of the UK market impact.

Luc-Noël Larcher, CRS 4 commander in scandal
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French Channel Migrant Chief’s Lavish Life: 14 Years of Golf and Swimming at UK Taxpayer Expense

A shocking report reveals that French police chief Luc-Noël Larcher of CRS 4 was ‘absent’ for over a decade, raising concerns about the effectiveness of Channel migrant patrols.

Ben Habib speaking critically about Michel Barnier and Brexit negotiations
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Michel Barnier: The EU’s Symbol of Britain’s Brexit Frustrations, Claims Brexiteer Ben Habib

Brexiteer Ben Habib criticizes Michel Barnier, the EU’s former chief Brexit negotiator, for his role in the Brexit trade deal, highlighting ongoing UK-EU post-Brexit tensions.

UK teachers in a classroom setting, pondering over educational materials with a backdrop of the UK flag, symbolizing the tension between academic freedom and religious sensitivity in education.
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Teachers Self-Censoring Lessons Over Offending Muslims

A recent survey reveals that 16% of UK teachers are self-censoring lessons to avoid offending Muslim students, a trend amplified by the Batley Grammar School incident. Explore the impact on education and freedom of speech.

Keir Starmer and Anas Sarwar in a heated discussion
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Labour’s Civil War Reignites: Starmer vs. Scottish Labour Over Middle East Policy

Tensions rise within the Labour Party as leader Keir Starmer and Scottish Labour’s Anas Sarwar clash over Middle East policy, signalling a deepening internal conflict.

London Councillor James Giles alongside Conservative Cllr Jamal Chohan, involved in a political dispute over a demanding ceasefire letter related to the Israel-Hamas conflict.
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London Councillor’s ‘Threatening’ Ceasefire Demand Sparks Outrage and Police Attention

Independent Councillor James Giles and Conservative Cllr Jamal Chohan face backlash and police scrutiny over a ‘threatening’ letter demanding a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Michel Barnier discussing Brexit implications and opportunities for the UK with Sir Keir Starmer's potential leadership in a Financial Times interview.
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Barnier’s Blunt Brexit Blast: EU “Door Still Open” for Starmer, Slamming Tory Tactics

Michel Barnier, EU’s lead Brexit negotiator, criticises the Conservative Government’s Brexit strategy and suggests opportunities for improvement under Sir Keir Starmer, especially regarding the Erasmus programme.

Björn Eriksson advocating for the continuation of cash transactions in Sweden
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Resisting the March to a Cashless Future: The Swedish Rebellion and Its Warning to the UK

Björn Eriksson, ex-Interpol chief, sparks debate with his crusade against Sweden’s cashless society, urging the UK to maintain cash as a viable payment method.

Asylum seekers holding signs protesting outside Essex asylum centre.
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Essex Chaos: Asylum Centre Protests Spark Outrage in Quaint Village

Tensions escalate in Wethersfield, Essex, as asylum seekers protest outside a local processing centre, clashing with the concerns of village residents.

NHS Ambulance in London preparing for ULEZ compliance.
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NHS Ambulance Fleet Faces £65 Million Overhaul for ULEZ Compliance

The NHS faces a £65 million expense to make its ambulance fleet ULEZ-compliant, sparking political debate over the financial burden on healthcare and taxpayers.

Rishi Sunak, UK Prime Minister, in a dilemma over rising immigration numbers and policy implications
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Sunak’s Push to Delay Publication of Startling 700,000 UK Immigration Figures Exposed

UK PM Rishi Sunak’s government faces a critical challenge as ONS immigration figures threaten to overshadow the Autumn Statement. Explore the political implications of the record-high influx and policy responses.

UK Councils' Spending on "Woke" Jobs
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UK Councils Under Fire for Spending Millions on “Woke” Jobs Amid Rising Council Tax and Service Cuts

UK local councils are under scrutiny for spending millions on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion roles, despite rising council taxes and reduced services.

Michel Barnier discussing ECHR and migration policies
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Barnier Blasts ECHR and Calls for EU Treaty Rewrite to Curb Migration

Michel Barnier, the ex-Brexit negotiator, criticises the European Convention on Human Rights and calls for a rewrite of EU treaties to better manage migration, warning of potential political shifts in France.

Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson discussing COVID-19 strategies.
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Explosive Claims at COVID Inquiry: Sunak Alleged to Have Suggested ‘Letting People Die’

Shocking claims at the COVID-19 Inquiry allege Rishi Sunak’s controversial stance on pandemic handling, highlighting ethical dilemmas in government decisions.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan alongside a depiction of disputed ULEZ advertisements, highlighting the ongoing ASA investigation into misleading claims about air quality improvements.
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Sadiq Khan Accused of Misleading Public with ULEZ Advertisements

London Mayor Sadiq Khan faces criticism following a draft ASA report claiming misleading advertisements about ULEZ benefits. TfL defends its position amidst public scrutiny.

Yvette Cooper criticising UK government visa policy
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Migrants Granted UK Work Visas Amidst Growing Skills Shortage Debate

Labour criticises the UK government’s increase in skilled worker visas, attributing it to a failure in training domestic workers and leading to a skills shortage.

Danny Cohen calling for BBC review
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Former BBC Executive Demands Inquiry into Alleged Pro-Palestine Bias in Israel-Hamas Coverage

Former BBC head Danny Cohen accuses correspondent Caroline Hawley of pro-Palestine bias in Israel-Hamas conflict coverage, calling for an independent inquiry.

Yaqub Ahmed deportation from UK
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Somalian Gang Rapist Deported After UK Taxpayers Fund Luxury Hotel Stay and Therapy

Yaqub Ahmed, a convicted gang rapist, has been deported to Somalia after a long and costly legal process, raising questions about the UK’s deportation policies and legal system.

UK Civil Servants Working Remotely Overseas Policy Debate
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Outrage as Civil Servants Allowed to Work Abroad: A Beachside Bureau?

UK government faces backlash over new policy allowing civil servants to work remotely from abroad, raising questions about public service delivery and taxpayer interests.

French border force spending controversy over UK-funded appliances and horse brigade
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UK Outrage Over French Border Spending: Microwaves, Vacuums, and a Horse Brigade?

UK politicians criticize French border force for misusing £40.4 million funds meant for migration control on everyday appliances and horse brigade.

Rishi Sunak and James Cleverly in discussion over Rwanda asylum plan
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Turmoil in Tory Ranks: Civil Servants Warned Against Sabotaging Rwanda Asylum Plan

In-depth analysis of the challenges facing the UK Conservative Government as it attempts to implement its Rwanda asylum seeker plan amidst internal opposition and legal hurdles.

UK security forces on high alert
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Manhunt Launched for Six Terror Suspects Allegedly Linked to Islamist Groups and Backed by Iran

An urgent manhunt is underway in the UK for six terror suspects linked to Islamist groups and backed by Iran, who reportedly entered the country on small boats.

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Billionaire Interference: Soros’s Unwelcome Meddling in UK’s Fragile Unity

Billionaire George Soros’s involvement in supporting Scottish independence and anti-Brexit causes sparks criticism and debate over foreign influence in UK politics.

Ujeza Kurmekaj, a 32-year-old Albanian woman, convicted for her involvement in illegal people smuggling across the Channel.
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Jailed: The Downfall of a Human Trafficking Fixer

Ujeza Kurmekaj, a 32-year-old Albanian woman, has been sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for her role in facilitating illegal small boat crossings from France to the UK, spotlighting the ongoing battle against human trafficking and illegal migration.

Nadine Dorries in an interview expressing concerns over Rishi Sunak's leadership
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Dorries Decimates Sunak’s Leadership: A Reshuffle Riddled with Doubts

Nadine Dorries criticizes Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s recent government reshuffle, questioning his leadership and decision-making abilities within the Conservative Party.

UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt discussing Autumn Budget Statement
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Jeremy Hunt’s Bold Tax Cut Promises

UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announces plans for tax cuts in the upcoming Autumn Budget Statement, focusing on stimulating economic growth, controlling inflation, and making the UK a competitive business destination.

Rishi Sunak, UK Prime Minister, in a challenging political position before the general election
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Sunak at Risk of Losing Parliamentary Seat in Upcoming Election

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faces the potential of a historic defeat in the upcoming general election, amidst internal party conflicts and public dissatisfaction.

Rachel Reeves in Sky News studio discussing Labour's economic policies.
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“Small Change” – Labour’s Economic Plan Under Fire

Rachel Reeves, Shadow Chancellor, faces tough criticism for Labour’s economic plans on Sky News, with questions raised about their impact on the UK’s economy.

Suella Braverman speaking about Rishi Sunak and UK protests.
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Rishi Sunak’s Leadership Questioned Amid Protests: Suella Braverman Speaks Out

Suella Braverman questions Rishi Sunak’s moral leadership in response to the recent protests in the UK, highlighting a divide in political opinions.

People smuggler 'Dini' in balaclava, representing the shadowy world of illegal human trafficking to the UK.
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6000 Illegal Migrants to the UK: The People Trafficker’s Chilling Confession

An in-depth look into the alarming reality of illegal migration to the UK, as revealed by an Albanian people smuggler, highlighting the challenges faced by UK border control and international cooperation efforts.

Sadiq Khan in the midst of controversy over the high advertising budget for London's 20mph speed limit zones.
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Sadiq Khan Criticised for £859K Advertising Budget on 20mph Zones

London Mayor Sadiq Khan faces backlash over the allocation of an £859,000 advertising budget for 20mph speed limit zones in London.

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Tory Right Wing Rallies Behind Priti Patel in Quest for Party Leadership

Priti Patel emerges as the Conservative Party’s right-wing favourite, potentially uniting the faction for future leadership amidst recent political changes.

Nigel Farage speaking at a political conference during contentious times
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Farage Eyes Political Comeback Amidst Reality TV Controversy

Nigel Farage, known for his role in Brexit, faces controversy over his potential political comeback following his appearance on ‘I’m A Celebrity’, sparking debates over his political motives.