Keir Starmer and Anas Sarwar in a heated discussion
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Labour’s Civil War Reignites: Starmer vs. Scottish Labour Over Middle East Policy

Tensions rise within the Labour Party as leader Keir Starmer and Scottish Labour’s Anas Sarwar clash over Middle East policy, signalling a deepening internal conflict.

John Healey, Labour's Defence Spokesman, acknowledging internal "hurt" over Israel-Gaza conflict stance.
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Shadow Defence Spokesman Implicates Starmer in Causing “Massive Hurt” Within Labour Party Over Israel-Gaza Stance

Labour’s Defence Spokesman John Healey admits that Sir Keir Starmer’s stance on the Israel-Gaza conflict has caused internal “hurt,” intensifying party divisions.

Andy Burnham, Sadiq Khan, and Anas Sarwar advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza.
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Andy Burnham and Other Labour Leaders Call for Ceasefire in Gaza

They join voices for an immediate stop to the fighting, contrasting with Sir Keir Starmer’s stance. Andy Burnham, alongside Sadiq Khan and Anas Sarwar, has…